Life Update – 090216

I’m a busy bee for the past months!

I miss blogging and all other stuff!

But still, life is good and God is good, ALL THE TIME!





And then, there’s this feeling…

Just when you thought you’re done with all that heartache, then there’s this feeling. This doubt. Yes, doubt. Doubt of myself if I could ever fully trust and love someone again. Fear of being lied to again. And all other “what ifs” that run through my mind.

People build walls when they’ve been hurt, they’re defense is always spot on. But the sad part is that even those who build the walls themselves cannot tear it down. Sometimes we are driven by our emotions, sometimes we win, other times we lose. Tonight is one of those nights that I doubted myself, I succumb to my emotions, but only for a moment. I shook the feeling of and decided to choose freedom from all this.

Still there is beauty in every heartache. We fight harder each time we fall, we long to see hope, faith and love. That love is still greater than any negative emotions there is. That we can still hear that still small voice saying, “You love because I first loved you.”

Just when you thought you’re about to give up, things get better.

Hold on dear heart, tonight will be alright.

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