The Project Getaway…


noun get·away \ˈge-tə-ˌwā\

Simple Definition of getaway
  • : the act of getting away or escaping

  • : a short vacation

  • : a place where people go for a short vacation


I am one of those people who are in dire need of a getaway.
I am not good at spontaneous trips or whatsoever, I need things to be planned out before embarking in a journey. Therefore, making it so rare for me to be out in the world and exploring so many wonderful things.

But I have come to a conclusion that I should not be wasting my time reading facebook status and lurking around my social media when I could be out there making an adventure for myself. Thus birth the #theprojectgetaway. I know myself that I am the one of the most incosistent being here in planet earth, but please do know that I am battling that 🙂

So, follow me as I head on my first stop for #theprojectgetaway with my family this coming Monday. We’re going to Masinloc, Zambales to a resort called DFarm. I know its not very far from home but still it’s the start of going out there and living and discovering life evenmore!




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