Sunday Currently 101815

Hey everyone! Hope your all safe. Its been a crazy since Saturday evening for me. I have migraines and body pains for the last 2 days. Power was also out yesterday, so I’m posting this Sunday Currently on a Monday.
But its still fun! Yesterday was my sister’s birthday, she just turned 21! You can check out her blog at HEAVENWARD RUNNER.
Midnight Surprises is L♥ve! L – R : Ame, Trisha and Min
Also my cousins, Dale, Majesty and Mark also stayed over for the night. Even though I’m tossing and turning because of pain, they’re having lots of fun playing UNO cards and Monopoly and even recording. No church service also so its a weird-kinda-Sunday, specially we’re used to go to church every Sunday. No power but we still managed to celebrate her birthday!
It’s amazing how Filipinos still managed to smile even if we’re facing a storm, like this man on this picture. Well, I hope we have little to no casualties after Typhoon Koppu passed over the Philippines.
On to the series…
reading – Im reading traffic rules and signs. I recently enrolled myself to a driving lesson. Its kinda late for me, but who cares, I still want to learn. Even though there’s no plans of me buying a car anytime soon, doesn’t mean I can’t learn right 🙂
writing – I’m not really into writing lately, more like “planning”. 
listening/watching – Watching Scorpion, its a series from CBS. I really really enjoy this series, it’s just genius! Check them out here.
thinking – I’m thinking of REPORT REPORT REPORTSSSSSS!
smelling – Pineapple juices. Been drinking this nonstop since yesterday.
wishing – some Admin Leave. But no avail, so yea Im here at work.
wearing – Office clothes lol
loving – Silent mondays at work
wanting – Movie marathon!
needing – rest
feeling – excited to go home
clicking – some reports.
Have a good rest everyone! See yah next week!
The Sunday Currently was started by Siddha Thornton

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