Sunday Currently 101115

Another wonderful Sunday! I decided to write this series just about the end of the day so I can really summarize what happened for the day. This series also helped me to go back to the events of the day and be really thankful of the things that’s at hand. 🙂

At church, we get to pray for other members of the church, which is great. We always pray for people, but I feel that yesterday’s just one of those days that simple prayers just made me cry. My heart is overflowing with joy. I cried a little because of the joy I have in my heart. Thank you Lord for my church family.

So head onto the Sunday Currently Series 🙂
reading – going thru my to do list for the week. The next two weeks are kinda full for me. This month we celebrate Kids Month, we’ll have an art festival at church where we will have workshops for arts, paintings, ukelele lessons and many more. Also, the youth of our church will have an outreach mission called “Happy Home” which will be for the Persons with Disability. Will have a program at Ayala Harbor Point for their family day and just be a blessing to them and their families.
writing – Nothing really. Just work-related stuff. I’ve been into planning “again” lately. Which means I’m obsessed again with notebooks, pens and planners. HIHI
listening/watching – Been listening to alot of Demi Lovato and Fallout boy today, just reminiscing old songs. 🙂
thinking – of Christmas! Seriously, I need to start my gift list for Christmas. It’s good to start way ahead of others to avoid the Christmas rush.
smelling – Coffee ah so good!
wishing – for Soup Mate! HAHA, we’re watching this ads from As Seen On TV then we saw this amazing kitchen thingy. It will be cool to have this for Christmas. I’m kinda lazy to prepare my meals kasi, maybe that’s why I’m gaining weight lately.
hoping – to have my driving lessons soon. I already got my student’s driving permit. But I need to get the course, so I can learn to drive formally. 
wearing – Good old pambahay!
loving – Sundays!
wanting – some new covers for my phone. It’s hard to find phone cover for Microsoft Lumia. I want covers with aztec designs at the back. 
needing – some more sleep. Sometimes 8 hours isn’t enough
feeling – pumped up coz of the coffee!
clicking – texting 🙂
Have a good rest everyone! See yah next week!
The Sunday Currently was started by Siddha Thornton

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