Sunday Currently 100415

This day is such a wonderful day! Church service in the morning, kids teachers meeting and connect group and church again in the evening. What a good way to spend rest day with the church family.
Also, I really feel the Christmas is almost here! YEY! Why? Because there’s INIHAW NA MAIS na! Im so giddy about this kanina! 😀
So head onto the Sunday Currently Series 🙂
reading – Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle. Reading this again and again because its just so good 🙂
writing – plans for this week. I have the Giving Journal of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I’m so excited for new planners for 2016! I actually wanna get a filofax. I’ve had one before but I threw it away because back then I dont appreciate those kinds of planners. But now I do. So I might buy one. 
listening/watching – Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. The cheer dancing kid was so good! 
thinking – of what filofax to buy. Seriously been thinking about this since yesterday. Grabe! I want all the colors!
smelling – Nothing really. Maybe vicks later haha 😀
wishing – ballpens, washi tapes and glitter pens! For my planners 😀
hoping – to travel really really soon!
wearing – pantulog! 
loving – life!
wanting – to watch Heneral Luna
needing – rest for this week
feeling – sleepy
clicking – Youtube pages. Uploading my cousins videos.
Have a good rest everyone! See yah next week!
The Sunday Currently was started by Siddha Thornton

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