Sunday Currently 092715

Hey y’all! 3rd Sunday Currently post! I hope everyone had an awesome Sunday. Mine’s mixed of emotions… Tomorrow’s a better day…
reading – funny tweets on twitterverse! 🙂
writing – currently writing a blog post about moving on for a fellow blogger. Abangan 😀
listening – Pompeii by Dia Frampton. Love her voice! ❤
thinking – how great God works in the life of people. My heart was crying earlier as I witness a prayer years back, that was answered 😀
smelling – Vicks inhaler! Same as last week. I guess this goes well while blogging. Teehee
wishing – For grilled corn. Ugh cravings!
hoping – to find him soon. Naks! 😛
wearing – my pantulog 😀
loving – Sundays………. Family day!
wanting – Cocktail Jelly Beans! 
needing – more R&R 
feeling – giddy!
clicking – clicking on some Tumblr post..
The Sunday Currently was started by Siddha Thornton

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