Quotes from T.B. LaBerge (Love, Relationship and Jesus Christ) – Part I

Keep Creating.

Because I so love Todd (and his magical metaphors), I compiled some of his posts from his Tumblr: T.B. LaBerge. I find his words comforting at the same time piercing to the depths of my soul. Been having great days but let it remain and be nourished first in my hear (and mind) unwritten just like Todd’s letters to ‘the girl with green eyes’. I’d love to have a copy of his book (paperback)–Unwritten Letters to You! Have actually added it on my wishlist but I still don’t know how I can get one. Haha. Anyway, I’ll blog more about my journey… soon! For now, come read this beautiful work, truly a work of art, sown in tears, in joy and in Christ. 🙂

Unwritten Letters to You

“Give me quiet nights and still days, give me your hand, and hold it tight. Give me love with a promise of growth…

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