What 4 things do you appreciate right now?

I stumble upon this post from joypassiondesire and maybe I should give this a try 😉

On her post she said that,

“This is an aligning game that you can play whenever you feel like it. It is a perfect way to start your day or a fun way to shift your focus when you notice negative old habits of thoughts”.

Being appreciative or thankful really boosts a good vibe, so instead of 3, here are the 4 things that I appreciate as of the moment:


I can say that we have a close-knit family. Not just the immediate but the extended as well. Recently, I am reminded that family relationship is really important. It’s important that you get to bond and talk with everyone, that we build a relationship, a real one.


Thank God for this inventions. If you must know its a blazing 32°C here in Olongapo and working in a shipyard means hot afternoons. Fortunately, I work in an office and I seldom go outside. 🙂


We have come so far in terms of technology. I didn’t even imagine when I was a kid that such things could be made! That technology would help people communicate even if their miles and miles apart. And how much help it gave us to ease our daily life. 


Sometimes I can be a little moody of things that are not going my way, I tend to stress out easily. Im thankful for those people who still stick with me throughout my mood swings and my impatience. You know the feeling that you just want to push them away but they stay with you anyways. I truly appreciate them. 🙂

How bout you, what things do you appreciate at the moment? What makes your heart thankful? Tag me at your post #IAPPRECIATE 🙂

Awesome day ahead, XO,



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