We all have goals, be it in our studies, career, love life and family, we all have it. But some of us are not just so determined to achieve them, most of the time. I for one, I have set countless goals in my life and maybe 4 out of 10 was reached. I am wowed with people who can set a certain goal and really stick to it, whatever it takes, they’ll make it happen. Im not just that type.


So this 2015 I’ve set my goals per quarter so its much realistic and reachable, money wise and time friendly. For the first quarter I’ve got myself and my sister a passport. Endless possibilities na kami ni Trish! YEY! And for this second quarter, I want to get a driver’s license. Therefore, I need to enroll myself to a driving school and then get a license. Its costly here in Olongapo to learn how to drive, its like 5k, 5k is alot and could go to different stuff you know. But I have set myself a deadline. Before I’ll celebrate my 23rd birthday and that’s on June 04, I must complete the driving lesson by that time. BOOM! Ive tried to study driving with our L300 but boy its hard, so I really must enroll myself to a driving lesson.

Hopefully I can get this one done before my birthday.

How bout you, what’s your goal lately?




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