Kids Be Like : Teacher or Stewardess

Hey everyone!

I’ve figured out ealier that most of my posts are about kids at Sunday School. So I decided to make a dedicated series for them, I’ll call it “Kids Be Like”. 😀

Last Sunday we don’t have Sunday School, we have Communion Sunday and that’s for everyone including kiddos. Every now and then I have kids randomly jumping at me and telling me all sorts of things, its either they’ll say they miss me, or they’ll ask for a candy or tell me about their school.

So Destine, one of my students suddenly hugs me and said “Teacher I miss you!” and ask me why am I sad? I told her Im not sad, Im just serious with the teaching and Im all focused to the service. She then says okay and continue to bounce around somewhere.

After a couple of minutes she came back and said that she missed sunday school and told me that me and Jesty(another teacher, who happens to be my cousin) are her favorite teachers. Suddenly good vibes right! So I told her,

When you get older you can also teach at Sunday School.


She nods, turns away and walk and then she ran back to me asking,

Teacher, which is richer, a teacher or a steward?


It’s an honest to God question and I have to give her an honest answer. I told her that in reality stewardess gets higher pay check (well it still depends), but I told her its all about passion and commitment. She’ll understand that someday, she’s a smart girl. Btw, her dad works at an airline company which might be her reason for asking that.

Kids nowadays are really smart. They’ll say what they want and when they want it. Parents should be ready to answer simple but yet so complicated questions from them that might affect the course of their thinking.

Stay tuned for more stories from kids! It’s never dull to be around kids!


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