Dating and Relationship.

What’s my take on dating and relationships?

It’s that time of the year again when the level of romance shoots sky high. When everyone is eager to go out on Feb. 14 because its just not right to stay at home and be booed because of being a single. Before I dive into this topic let me get 3 things clear.

1) I’m not NBSB(No boyfriend since birth), 2) I only have had one relationship before and 3) I’m currently single.

So, many might ask, with my experience stated above, am I in a position to talk about the topic? And yes, I am. Ofcourse anyone is entitled into their own opinion. So if you don’t mind me giving my two cents about the topic above please continue to read on. 🙂

So here’s the first three of the many things that somehow I believe we should consider when dating.

* I am a believer of the old traditional dating/courting. The type that you would actually ask permission to the parents of the man/women you would like to date. Personally, it makes me swoon with the fact that, the person that wants to date you, really actually wanna date you. Get it? Because nowadays, people – specifically teenagers are really gullible. In an unbelievable way. Have your suitors personally ask your parents if your allowed to date. Ladies and gentlemen, let us respect our parents, we owe them that. Plus you get a feel of their sincerity about the relationship.

* Date exclusively. For some it’s flattering to have numbers of suitors. I guess its normal, but you get to choose the person you date. In my point of view, you won’t let someone court you not unless you like him also in some way or another. Well, maybe for others they like the attention and the gifts perhaps. But investing your time and emotion with someone is very important.

* Always tell the truth, if you like someone but not love them, its not enough to build a relationship. Because you can like a person for a season only but if you truly love a person, it would never be in vain because true and genuine love never dies.

One person can only say so much about love. Its a broad topic and many areas can be discussed. So that’s my two cents about dating. If time permits there’s a lot more i want to share – maybe next time. 🙂

Enjoy your valentines everyone!


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