Kids be like!

Kids nowadays are very smart. They know what you’re talking about and definitely they know what they’re saying. So yesterday at Sunday School, I told them the story of David and Goliath. And as young as 4 y/o, some of my kiddos already know the story (someone’s doing their homework). We did some coloring afterwards.

What I like to do during our activity is to ask them about their school, or their neighbors or pets. Some of their stories really amuses me.

I was asking them what’s their favorite drink, some said juice, milk, water, chocolate, then I said, my favorite’s coke. One of my student, her name is Prettina said that:

Nakakabutas ng tyan po ung coke. (Drinking coke makes a hole in your tummy)

HAHA. It was really funny because the way she said it, it’s like she really knows. Tho it’s true that drinking too much coke is not good for me. Point well taken Pretty.

Half way thru our activity, one of my student went to me and whispered to my ear. Here’s our convo:

Bash: Teacher malapit na ko magka-baby brother. (Teacher we’ll have a baby brother soon)

Me: Wow, buntis ba si Mommy mo? (Wow, is your mom pregnant?)

Bash: Hindi pa po. Kasi po nung pinanganak ako mag gf/bf pa lang sila. Ngayon po kasal na sila ni Daddy. (Not yet. Before when i was born they’re just gf/bf. But now they’re married.)

Me: Wow, good! Sana maglapit na. (Wow, good! Hope you’ll have a baby brother soon)

Bash: Ginagawa na daw po. (It’s in the making)

HAHA very witty! See parents, even kids know the concept of marriage. They’re very innocent and curious. So my advise to the parents over there, just feed you kids with what’s true. When we try to baby talk them about grown up things, they will absorb that. And anyways they’ll figure it out sooner or later. Better to tell them about the wonders of this world straight from their parents.

I sign their artworks always. Yesterday they decided to draw on my hands. Cutie!
I sign their artworks always. Yesterday they decided to draw on my hands. Cutie!

Gotta love kids! We learn so much from them. 🙂


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