Double ‘F” and no “E’

Way way back on my high school days I consider myself a poet of some sort. I like writing about life, love and anything there is to write about. But somewhere in my college years, maybe along with the stress and all other things that come along with life I have lost the love and passion for writing. I tried to blog before, a couple of times actually, but all of my attempts failed. Lately I been thinking of a way to channel all my thoughts thru some kind of media, so i immediately thought of reviving one of my blog site. Am actually contemplating on choosing between vlogging andΒ just some plain blogging. So since Im waaay to conscious of how my videos will look, i will stick to plain ol’ blogging. πŸ™‚ Hence, this post is an introductory post, an about me, a get to know.

My name is Tiffany Ann – its double ‘F’ and no ‘E’. My dad is a worship pastor of our church “Church of the Risen Christ”. I basically grew up at church, doing kids camp, family picnics and youth camps. It’s fun and sometimes challenging as well. I’ll explain some other time why i said that. My mom is a plain loving housewife (naks) and I got a brother and a sister, im the middle child! I teach kids at our Sunday school, ages 4-6. I love kids, they’re fun, loving, innocent and just awesome to be with. Im also a part of our youth ministry and dance ministry. I loooooove dancing. Its something im really comfortable doing. It’s my dream to have formal dance lessons and have a dance recital. I am currently one of the Executive Secretary to the General Manager of a ship repair company in SBFZ, it sounds like a fancy job but really its not. Sometimes it’s kinda fancy, but mostly its a very challenging job! For real!

Im into detective stories and novels. I love Sherlock Holmes and detective conan anime. I’d rather watch crime and investigation series than chick flicks. I love watching cartoons after a hard days work, it relieves all the stress at work. Im so into “planners” but I’d just use to for about half a year and totally forget about it, its a serious weakness. I currently have the “Giving Journal” from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which i really love.

Watsons and National Bookstore is my wonderland. Jollibee is my happy food. My wardrobe mainly consist of blazers, black pants and tshirts. I don’t swim, i can’t ride a bike – believe me I tried, but just can’t. I’m learning how to drive, but lack of practice makes me forget everything. Im good at starting things but not good at ending it – consistency problems (but not with work, NO, just NO!)

I don’t like drama. Maybe I got that from my boss. I try my best to always “rise about the drama”.Β What grinds my gears are late people, broken promises and just irrational thinking. Thankfully, I only had one heartbreak! It ain’t pleasant! I fear travelling, im not a good traveler but i want to!

I want to go back to school. Maybe a second course or an MBA perhaps. I got a lot of plans but what are my plans to compare with God’s plans right. Currently Im living in the “now” but also foreseeing the road ahead.

I hope to get to know more of my followers here as you guys get to know me more. πŸ™‚

Have a sparkling day! πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “Double ‘F” and no “E’

  1. Hi Tiffany,

    Detective Conan din inaabangan ko nung bata pa ako pero kung ipapalabas ulit yun sa GMA baka mag absent pa ako dahil don. Pati yung Sherlock Holmes nag film showing kami non nung high school , galing din Robert Downey Jr. Panuorin ko nga ulit yon πŸ˜‰ Abangan ko ulit post mo !

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    1. haha MISMO! May grabe malamang ggawin ko din yun. pati libro. pati series. kung alam mo ung the Mentalist, isang pambihira din un! Naku! Makapag-movie marathon nga mmaya! at malamang makapag-blog din about dun! hehe πŸ™‚ welcome sa blog ko! πŸ˜€ Cheers!

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