Specific Prayers…

Yesterday, my Auntie May sent me this prayer she was telling me how she and her daughter prayed this for so long until God did deliver and answer they’re prayer. It goes like this:

“Lord, I pray thank you as you prepare me for the godly man you have for me, I pray that you are preparing him for me and that he will love you first before anything in this world, his heart is full of compassionate and that his eyes and heart is fully focused on you. He is a man that has fear of you. He is a good provider, because he looks up on you as his provider. He would love me as his wife as you have given your word in Ephesian 5:21-33. He will be a husband whose eyes are focused on our family, he is a father who will love our children like you love your children. Lord, prepare him and prepare me too, that divine appointed day will come and he will see first and pursue me like you have planned. I love you Lord and thank you that he will be ready to be the man you want him to be for me!  

He is also anointed and knows his calling, amen!”

I cant remember when was the last time I prayed for something so specific as this. Out of the blue my Auntie just sent me this, as if God’s reminding me that I could tell Him the desires of my heart, that I could pray about it everyday and believe that God is faithful to deliver this to me one day. 

Not only that, have you heard of the application on Facebook called “God wants you to know that…” yesterday when i checked mine, it says “Today, Tiffany Ann, we believe God wants you to know that …your prayers are being answered. Prayers are not like shopping lists with items that can be ticked off. If you remember that a prayer is a conversation with God, you will see God respond every day.” HOW AWESOME IS THAT RIGHT?!

I was feeling a bit gloomy the past week and God showed this to me. That prayers can be specific and direct. That He’s just that near to us, just a prayer away. With all that is happening in a fast paced world, sometimes we/I forget to ask God in prayer, to thank Him daily of the things He has blessed us with. I’m guilty of not doing this as often as I could, but I thank God for using people to constantly remind me to pray and be thankful and to see things how God wants us to.

Have an awesome day ahead! 




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