Just as much hashtag a person can think of, it is almost impossible to sum up all the things i want to do for 2014. Yep yep. But the above stated are on top of the list.
I read somewhere online that making resolutions are not that much of a trend today. Ofcourse we are so hype to get things right for the first couple of days, and then a few months later we tend to slip it off. So now, Im resolving to have a theme goal for this year. I have yet to finalize my plans for this year, because of all the things thats going on with all the holidays and work that i need to juggle up. 
So a couple of things i want to do this year:
1. Be Organized – by this, i mean organized in my expenses, my papers, my work and all that’s in between. Being an executive secretary, i see now the importance of being an organize person. You know, from the little things to the very critical ones. Like receipts, I now collect all of them. (Kulang na nga lang pati trike and jeep, hihi :]); and like payslip, we never know when will we need them. So with these being top of my list, i purchased a planner! HAHA yey! FYI, i have not yet completed a whole planner for the year, sometimes, i would write for like 4 months then i will remember my planner again when the year almost ends. Bad habit, but ill try to break that this year(So help me God!) 🙂
The planner i purchased is called “THE SLATE”, its cute, really creative, still waiting for it though. I just ordered it online last December 31. Its only for Php. 549 online and you can get it on several bookstores at Php. 599 i think. Visit their site, here! Like what they said, “LIVE CREATIVELY” and “PLAN.PUSH.PLAY”
2. Keep track of my expenses – I’m not that good at saving money. Sometimes an impulsive buyer too. I tend to reward myself more than to save. Im guilty with that, but im setting things right this 2014! As of the moment, im keeping track with my expenses, just like how i keep in track with the expenses at work. I think its a big help that i got this habit from work, i just need to apply it personally. I also decided to keep a “non-negotiable amount” to save, automatically goes to “PIGGY”. Ofcourse it includes the savings, the house rent, the tithes and bills. And i also set a certain budget for the whole month, which i pray i would not break. And a little budget for my leisure. 🙂 Its important to reward yourself once in a while, after all its your hard-earned money right? 😀
3. Get a hobby – This is something that i need to do for recreation. Sometimes I would do so much things that i would loose focus because there is so much going on. I need to focus on just one hobby that i would really enjoy and benefit from, maybe earn from it also 🙂
2014 will be exciting! I am claiming it already. The end of 2012 and the whole year of 2013 is a roller coaster ride for me(will post about it some other time). So im so excited for this year of what God has in store for me. 
Just like what’s written in Proverbs 19:21 “We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails.” It is important that we honor God in all our plans, in all our decision making and all the days of our life, after all we owe everything to Him.

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